_Graphene_ is a new Ruby gem for transforming collections of Ruby objects into subtotals, percentages, tables and graphs. See the source code at "github.com/jhollinger/graphene":https://github.com/jhollinger/graphene and read the full documentation at "jordanhollinger.com/docs/graphene":http://jordanhollinger.com/docs/graphene. While the things Graphene does aren't particularly difficult, they are repetitive and annoying enough that I wanted a quicker, DRYer way of doing them. So here's my attempt. Let me know if it's useful to you or can be improved. h3. Calculations bc[ruby].. logs = SomeLogParser.parse('/var/log/nginx/access.log.*') # Calculate percentages puts Graphene.percentages(logs, :browser) => [["Firefox", 40.0], ["Chrome", 35.0], ["Internet Explorer", 25.0]] # Calculate on combinations of attributes percentages = Graphene.percentages(logs, :browser, :platform) puts percentages => [["Chrome", "OS X", 40], ["Internet Explorer", "Windows", 25], ["Firefox", "Windows", 25], ["Firefox", "GNU/Linux", 8], ["Chrome", "GNU/Linux", 2]] percentages.each do |browser, platform, percent| # Do stuff end # Calculate subtotals puts Graphene.subtotals(logs, ->(log) { log.browser.downcase }) => [["firefox", 600], ["chrome", 525], ["internet explorer", 375]] # Add an X axis Graphene.percentages(logs, :browser).over(:date) => {# => [["Firefox", 45], ["Chrome", 40], ["Internet Explorer", 15]], # => [["Firefox", 41], ["Chrome", 40], ["Internet Explorer", 19]], # => [["Chrome", 50], ["Firefox", 40], ["Internet Explorer", 10]]} h3. Tablize bc[ruby].. puts Graphene.percentages(logs, :browser, :platform).tablize => +-----------------+------------+----------+ | Browser | Platform |Percentage| +-----------------+------------+----------+ |Firefox |Windows |50.0 | |Internet Explorer|Windows |20.0 | |Safari |OS X |20.0 | |Firefox |GNU/Linux |10.0 | +-----------------+------------+----------+ h3. Gruff Graphs This is the primary purpose of this library. I find "Gruff's":http://nubyonrails.com/pages/gruff "documentation":http://www.ruby-doc.org/gems/docs/f/fhs-gruff- to be lacking. You have to dig through the code to find all of the available graph types and their options. And for some charts, the task of converting your objects into the proper numerical arguments is quite tedious. I've tried to fix all that. Graphene supports Gruff's pie charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, side bar charts, side stacked bar charts, accumulation bar graphs, spider graphs, line graphs, net graphs and dot graphs. h4. Sample pie chart bc[ruby].. # Create a pie chart of browser share Graphene.percentages(logs, :browser).pie_chart('/path/to/graph.png', 'Browser Share') do |chart| # Optional block to customize Gruff's chart options end p. !/media/gruff-pie-chart.png! h4. Sample line graph bc[ruby].. # Create a line graph of browser share over time Graphene.subtotals(logs, :browser).over(:date).line_graph('/path/to/graph.png') do |chart, labeler| # Optionally customize chart settings # Optionally customize the labels. # This says to only print every 7th label, and format them as "Month Day" labeler.call(7) do |date| date.strftime('%b %e') end end p. !/media/gruff-line-graph.png!